How to Follow the Google Adsense Program?

To join this program, we have got is the site to put ads, if traded, sites like stores, and advertising is merchandise. Having had a site with a topic / niche specific (eg education, consultants, farm, etc), we can apply at / adsense, do register, then google will review our website, if qualified and accepted, Google will provide the html code can we put on our site.

Eiits... wait, what if that not everyone knows makes the site? Do not worry, wrote a blog for beginners make (if this would have much to understand), blogs can also be fitted with adsense. For beginners, the following steps to create a blog adsense (the process is not more than an hour):

1. Determine the blog topics that will be made (eg self-development. Music, education. Etc). create a blog on, why should a blogger, because bloggers still have the google, so it's easier to approved.

2. Looking for articles on topics that have been selected, (search on google, many, can be edited, or directly copy paste but it certainly includes the source), 10-15 posting articles on a blog post, and then apply for follow-up program adsense site via / adsense

3. Once the application is received, we are given an account which contents all kinds, of which report the number of clicks and commissions that we earn, there is also a live html code residing in the copy and paste into your site. To the blogger way so easy, just add the page element, then click add html / javascript, copy the adsense code there.

For the time approval from google, depending on the site, can directly approve, or even a day sometimes more.

There are several types of ads on google, but commonly used is the Adsense for content and AdSense for search.

Like sales, stores have become, the contents of existing stores, now what? Stay looking for a buyer, this stage is a bit heavy and takes time. Useless we have a shop with no one to buy. The so-called buyer of visitors to our site, or in the online world commonly referred to as traffic. The more traffic to our site, meaning the higher the chance your ad is clicked and the more commission we receive.

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