79337366 358x233 Improve Your AdSense Earnings With Link Units

Google AdSense is a popular PPC program for web publishers. It is a fast way to monetize any blog or website. Displayed ads are usually related to the page content. All you have to do to add advertising to the website is to add few lines of code. Google provides many standard ad units so you can always find at least one that fits into the layout of your website.

You are paid whenever somebody clicks on the ad. The price of click can be only one cent but in some cases it can be as much as few dollars. It depends on many factors, mainly on the website niche. Many publishers are attracted by keywords for which advertisers pay high prices. They hope that they will easily get few dollars per click just by creating a blog around these high paying keywords. Of course, the process of getting such ads is not so simple. Each advertiser can choose where he will put his expensive ads.

There is also one type of AdSense ads that is usually neglected. AdSense provides also link units. Link unit is a small ad which has 4 or 5 links. Link text is usually some popular search keyword related to the page content. When you click it you get a list of related text and image ads. Only when somebody clicks this ad you get paid. So with link advertising you need two clicks to get paid. Maybe this is one of the reasons for their lower popularity. However, this type of AdSense ads may be exactly what you are looking for. The price of click can be as high as for normal ad unit.

There are many various formats of link unit ads. You can easily find one that fits into your website. You can put up to three units on a page. Of course, if you put only one at proper position you can count on a decent number of clicks. Since links are smaller than normal text or image ads they are easily placed on positions where nothing else would fit. Horizontal thin links can be placed on the bottom of the page or even on the top if your page layout allows such placement. Other rectangular units can be placed on the left or right side close to the main page navigation.

AdSense link units are a simple and effective way to complement any web page with advertising. They are smaller and less obtrusive, but still profitable. If your goal is to increase AdSense earnings you should also consider using this type of Link Unit ads.

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